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How the site is built for accessibility


All pages on this site are WCAG AA approved, complying with all priority 1 and 2 guidelines of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Whilst we would like to say this is categorically so it is a judgement call; many guidelines are intentionally vague and cannot be tested automatically. We have reviewed all the guidelines and believe that all these pages are in compliance.

We have strived to make all pages on this site validate as XHTML 1.0 Strict.


The site uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to control all of the presentation and layout. Tables are only used for data presentment.

As a result screen reader users can use the screen reader's navigation key to get around the site. If you are listening to the site, menus are grouped together in a more logical fashion.


The content has been written and formatted to make it accessible. For example:

    •        headings highlight sections of text
    •        sentences are short with the meaning at the beginning
    •        links use meaningful text
    •        Forms can be navigated using the tab key.

Accessibility Barriers

Despite our on-going efforts not all areas of the website and related sites are fully accessible. As part of our commitment to making the visitor experience consistent for all we will continue to work on improving our website, in the meantime should you experience any difficulties please contact us explaining the problems you encountered.


Contact Details

As with everything we do, we welcome customer feedback. If you do have any comments about the website please do contact us[your web solution]:- Designed and Updated by Gefa Web Design.


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